Slyme Gandalf Pipe by Mav Glass


Slyme Gandalf Pipe by Mav Glass

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The green gandalf pipe by MAV might just the perfect gandalf pipe.  At 10 inches it’s got that long pipe feel without being too long.  Smoking from a glass pipe will never be the same, this epic glass piece is definitely one for the collection.  

MAV killed it with this milky slyme green colored glass tubing.  MAV quality as you already know is exceptional and this item is no different. Perfect execution, a perfect curve, and topped off with perfect sized holes.  See how much cooler your smoke gets as it travels the length of this pipe.


  • Keeps Heat Away from Face
  • Length: 10 Inches

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Slyme, Purple, Pink, Lavender Blue (not pictured)

Slyme Gandalf Pipe by Mav Glass

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