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Cloud PRO Gua Sha


Jardin’s Cloud Pro guasha is made from pure gemstone (Green Aventurine and Black Obsidian) and is inspired by traditional Asian massage techniques.Designed to provide a deep and intense massage, the CLOUD PRO is larger than a typical guasha and boasts twice the thickness. This allows for better pressure and control, making it an ideal choice for massaging the whole body.It features rounded lines & curved knuckles that make it well-suited for releasing tension in various areas of the body, including the jawline, shoulders, arms, legs, abdomen, and scalp. It is best used for massaging and sculpting the stomach, legs, arms, and body area, and can help reduce inflammation and stress in the shoulders, arms, neck, buttocks, and head.

1. Put on an appropriate amount of facial cream or oil before using your Rose de Jardin guasha.2. Start from the middle of your face and lightly place the guasha onto your face. Massage outwards with a firm motion. Your massage stroke should always feel comfortable for you.3. Finish your massage on your neckline or collarbone.4. Try massaging in the morning to alleviate any puffiness from the night before!Jardin Pro-Tip: We recommend using a squalane based or jojoba seed beauty oil for your massage. The nutrients will provide a lasting glow, while the oil will reduce friction and any potential dryness during the massage.*This product is not a medical device.*Do not drop or give a shock to the product.*Keep out of reach of children.*Do not disassemble or modify the product arbitrarily.*Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.Natural Gemstone Checklist – It is not a product defect.Rosette Jardin’s crystal is a 100% natural crystal massage tool made using 100% crystal without any artificial substances added. In 100% natural stone, the grain or pattern formed by the accumulation of strata differs from product to product, and features such as brown crystals or surface texture such as flaws or scratches may appear. Rosed Jardin’s natural crystals are gently polished up to the massage stage, and only flawless products are shipped, so you can use them with confidence.Crystal Material Cleaning Storage and Care Precautions1. WashingLightly wipe the used area with an alcohol swab before/after use.Alternatively, wash with running water or soap. When cleaning, wrap the product with both hands and wipe. 2. StorageTo prevent scratches, wrap it in a soft cloth or place it on a soft surface for storage.3. Care PrecautionsThe crystal is hard with a strength of 7.0, but it is made in a flat shape with a thickness of 1cm, so it may break if dropped or an external impact is applied. Do not attach or cut the broken crystal separately and discard it. When using with oil, be sure to wipe off the oil on your hands before holding the product. Crystals may become weak in the following cases:1) In case of throwing the product at a hard place 2) In case of sudden temperature difference (cold/hot)1 x JARDIN Cloud PRO Gua Sha * Immediately reduce puffiness in the facial contours. * Help to improve blood circulation in the skin, improving overall tone, brightness, and texture.

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Green Aventurine, Black Obisidian

Cloud PRO Gua Sha

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