Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat

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Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat


NEW Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat

Driveline says this bat is, “the single best method to train bat-to-ball skills and improve a hitter’s bat path.” Train perfect contact with every swing.

  • Premium 1.5″ diameter skinny barrel bat
  • Works for all hitters Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch
  • 33″ recommended for 12 yrs and older
  • 30″ recommended for 11 yrs and younger
  • Hits all ball types including game balls and Axe Bomb Balls

FOR EVEN GREATER GAINS BUY BOTH BATS for overload/underload training and short vs long barrel training.

Why Buy Both Bats PRO – 33″/30 oz.  YOUTH – 30″/20 oz.
I’m An Older Player For You Use As Short/Underload Bat
I’m A Youth Player Use As Long/Heavy Bat For You



The bat’s 1.5″ diameter and high-end barrel performance let you take your best swings every time. Its premium durability allows for use with all ball types, and the versatility to use in many training situations like tee work, soft toss, cage work, and light BP.

Train hand-eye coordination, barrel precision, bat speed, improve swing mechanics, and build power. Use in the off-season, in-season, pre-game, in the on-deck circle, you name it. The new Axe Hand-Eye Trainer is a must have for hitters of all ages to be their best.

(Not recommended for high pitch speeds due to vibration. Use in tee work, soft toss and light BP)

Hand-Eye Premium Benefits:

Everything you could ask for, plus more.

  • Built like your game bat
  • Game bat like weight
  • Game bat like barrel performance
  • Game bat construction
  • 1.5” skinny barrel diameter for hand-eye coordination
  • Hits all ball types, including regular baseballs and softballs
  • Can be used in many training situations, including tee work, soft toss, cage work, and light BP
  • Baseball, Softball

Hand-Eye Training Benefits:

Barrel up more balls than your competition and improve mechanics

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Barrel Precision
  • Improve Swing Mechanics & Sequence
  • Bat Speed
  • Strength Training

Hand-Eye Bat Premium Features:

Loaded with premium features

  • Premium Armor Enhanced Alloy
  • Engineered Hitting Zone
  • Hyperwhip Endcap
  • Patented Axe Handle
  • Endogrip Vibration Dampening Handle Material



Length 33″
Weight 30 oz.
Barrel Diameter 1.5″
Material Premium Alloy
Age Recommendation 12 yrs old and older OR Long/Heavy bat for youth players
Sports Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch

30″ (Youth)

Length 30″
Weight 20 oz.
Barrel Diameter 1.5″
Material Premium Alloy
Age Recommendation 11 yrs old and younger, OR Short/Underload bat for older player
Sports Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch

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Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat

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